Hi! I’m Dave, I’m about to chauffeur Sean, Karly Jack & Jim to Marbella, along the way I’d like to share some of our experiences of our trip, hope you enjoy the blog!

This will be Sean & Karly’s first road trip with Jack the German Lowchen and Jim the Maltese Terrier, along the way I’ll share some tips things like how to book the crossing,  where to stop along the way, where to stay, where to eat, tolls and a few other tips. Hope I can inspire you to travel with your dog, too!

Travelling with pets isn’t that simple, I’m sure you pet didn’t wake up this morning saying please drive me to Spain. You may be an experienced traveller but driving more than 25 hours with your pet onboard is a different journey and one that needs some careful planning. 

Our Journey starts on the 1st September when I arrive to collect Sean & Karly Walsh Jack & Jim, we travel down to Ashford stopping along the way for coffee breaks, walks and some water for the boys (Jack & Jim) we left at 2pm arriving at Ashford for 9pm we stopped at the Holiday Inn Ashford Central and negotiated £68 per room including dogs and breakfast.  

FIRST TIP: book your crossing early as the prices are more cost effective the earlier you book!

Our crossing was booked for 10.30pm, we arrived in Calais at 12pm. From Calais we headed towards Le Mans famous of course for the Grand Prix and also known as the city of Art. from there to Poitiers our journey time with a couple of stops along the way was 7.5 hours arriving at our hotel for 7.30pm The drive was interesting, we headed off on the A16 towards Boulogne, as the largest fishing port in France BOULOGNE–SUR-MER is based very much as you might expect around seafood which can be purchased direct from the local port (although best not for us on our journey)  the old town is dominated by the belfry and dome of the cathedral The Rue de Lille.  The scenery was awesome, plenty to see. 

We continued along the A16 as far as Abbeville, famous for the bay of Somme which attracts a large number of UK visitors each year. We turned onto the A28 towards the historic Rouen famous for so much like Joan of Arc, William The Conqueror, Richard the Lion Heart and the Vikings who gave prominence to this part of the seine valley. Stopping once along the way for Lunch We used the A13 ring road to get back onto the A28 and followed this route almost as far as Le Mans stopping for our second break just outside on the A28 services, we had about a 45-minute break here allowing for coffee and good walk for the boys,  

Continuing along the A28 until we reached the A10, we reached Poitiers within 2 hours stopping at the hotel Campanile Poitiers – site Du Futurscope for the night the boys were even allowed to join us for dinner in the restaurant. Cost for the night including breakfast was 59 euros.

After breakfast we left heading on the A10 all the way to Bordeaux, sunlit vineyards and the 6th largest city in France Bordeaux has lots to offer but sadly not for us on this occasion as we press on along the A63/ AP8 and AP1 to Burgos in Spain, journey time 6.5 hours with a half hour stop for the boys to stretch the legs and coffee for the adults. Burgos is well known for the famous El Cid, although the cathedral in Burgos which looms over the city skyline has just as much right to claim the fame these days, great restaurants and a great place to see if you have the time to spare on route. The E5 Motorway takes us to Madrid Arriving at the outskirts for about 9pm to enjoy some Spanish tapas. Our stop for the night was at Ibis hotel Alcobendas.

The last leg of our journey down to Marbella takes 7 hours with stops for coffee and walkies for the boys. Following the E5/E902 to Granada then onto Marbella using the A92/AP46 arriving at our destination for 5pm feeling comfortable, unstressed and ready for a glass of Vino.

Hope you enjoyed the info and don’t forget we had a destination and time scale but if you have the time, then take the time to visit these great place on your journey.


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