Travel with pets is similar to travelling ourselves, preparation and planning is key to a stress free journey.

Documents required to ensure stress free travel throughout Europe:

  • ISO standard microchip: (pets must be microchipped prior to a rabies vaccination; please be aware a vaccination won’t comply with regulations if your pet isn’t microchipped first).
  • UK or EU issued pet passport (new style if issued after 29th December 2014)
  • Rabies Vaccine (EU and listed countries)
  • Rabies Vaccine and blood test, (Unlisted countries)
  • Third Country Official Certificate – if entering the EU or UK from a listed or an unlisted non-EU Country
  • Tapeworm -This applies to dogs only before entering the UK
  • Declaration – Confirming non sale or transfer of ownership

Before contemplating European travel there are various documents and procedures you will need to take into consideration, if you require help with understanding what you might need, please contact us we will be happy to help.

Some useful links before travelling to Europe.

Pet Travel Scheme
Pet Passport
Defra – Taking your pets abroad 

Passport Checking service

We offer a full checking service for our travellers to ensure that all paperwork is in good order, please contact us when booking for this complimentary service.

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